Growing Your Business is what it is All About! 

We are seeing clients achieve fantastic growth in their business by fitting more bookings in a day. If   you   are   an   inspector   and   you   spend   all   day   inspecting   buildings,   pest,   pool   fencing,   whatever,   you know   the   job   that   is   waiting   for   you   at   the   end   of   your   long   hard   day.      You   have   to   go   back   to   the office   and   type   up   all   those   inspection   findings   as   reports   for   your   clients.      It   can   take   just   as   long   to produce   the   report   as   it   took   to   do   the   inspection!      If   this   sounds   familiar   then   you   are   going   to   have a tough time growing your business unless you can cut down the workload.

CV Reports

Simple, quick and consistent entry of Inspection Data on your mobile device (phone/tablet). One button press to turn your inspection findings into an EDITABLE word document or locked PDF. Report layout styles designed the way you want them - we do all the technical stuff. Save time by removing double handling where written inspections require typing up. So your not tech savvy - no problem - it’s easy, answer questions with “tick & flick” and “auto text”.  Taking photos is a breeze. Supply professional, quality inspection reports to your clients in record time. You get FREE use of our PC Booking/Scheduling system software.  Many companies pay thousands of dollars for back office Booking/Scheduling Systems, we provide ours inclusive! Unbelievably LOW-COST and NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS.
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PC Booking System Software (optional & free) 

The   CV   Reports   system   does   not   require   that   you   use   our   PC   booking/scheduling   system   software   as our   CV   Reports   mobile   app   can   work   completely   stand   alone,   but   the   PC   booking   system   software   is a FREE  inclusion and it really does make CV Reports a complete solution. The    CV    Reports    PC    Booking/Scheduling    System    software    has    many    functions    and    capabilities (including   email   &   SMS   integration)   but   it’s   primary   purpose   is   to   enable   you   or   office   staff   to   pre- enter   client   and   booking   details   ahead   of   time   where   everything   is   saved   to   your   own   private   cloud database. Inspection   staff   will   typically   start   their   day   by   downloading   their   daily   bookings   from   the   previously mentioned   cloud   database   to   their   mobile   device,   this   is   done   with   a   simple   swipe   gesture.      So,   now the   inspector   can   proceed   to   carry   out   inspection   bookings   as   detailed   in   the   app   on-screen   list.     Using   this   method,   all   client   and   property   address   particulars   are   pre-entered   with   no   need   for   the inspector   to   waste   time   typing   them   in.      There   are   many   other   time   saving   features,   please   contact   us to find out more.   
If   you   are   still   reading   this   then    “Try   CV   Reports”!      Easy   to   use   and   no   brain   numbing   set-up.    We will take care of the technical stuff for you, just give us a call and watch your business grow. We   have   report   styles   that   are   specific   to   your   insurer   requirements    and   are   “ready   to   go”   for building,   pest   and   pool   inspections,   but   don’t   worry   if   your   report   style   is   different   or   unique   as customised report styles are our speciality.