Hi Charles. Craig & I are happy to write a testimonial for you & your company.  Craig has gone to work because he is really busy (which is also thanks to you) so he has asked me to pass this on. We are a small family business with two young children and my husband made the scary move from being in full time employment to starting up his own Building and Pest Company. Thankfully this was the right decision but has also involved Craig spending hours in the office on an evening doing reports, of which we were limited to booking just 2 Inspections a day due to the office work. I was turning down at least 5 Inspections a week which is really frustrating. I remember getting the call from Mayda, who explained the reporting system that CV Computer Services could offer and thinking this could change our work and family life so much. Charles came for a meeting with us that very same day and sat with us and fully explained what could help our reporting system. We are now up and running with the CV Reports system. If ever Craig has needed advice or help in anyway, Charles has always been on the end of the phone and set up meetings with in days just to make sure we are happy with things. We are more than happy. Craig carried out 3 Inspections yesterday and was out of the office for 4.30pm to spend quality family time with the children which is what we all wanted so we thank you both for giving us that back. We really are really pleased you called us that day!!!!! Lindsey --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Charles, Thought I would take this opportunity to write a testimonial for your marketing. Thank you CV Computer Services for saving me time and effort. As any business owner would know, time is money and with CV Computers Report Writer we have gone from spending an hour back at the office to 15 minutes on site. The Pre purchase written report requires an onsite check sheet that can be taken back to the office to do the report. Isn't this double handling? Now I do the report onsite with my new tablet I answer the questions "tick and flick" style and then send the report its takes me 20% off the time I use to. Thanks again to Charles and the Team well worth the investment. Kind Regards David --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mostly Charles people don't take the time to give praise so I always like to tell people when they are doing something right. I knew this system would save us some time and really streamline things but I don't think I realised just how beneficial it would be. Kind regards Jazz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Charles, I started doing Pre Purchase Building Inspections around mid-2010. I was averaging four inspections a day and literally had no ME time and a normal day was around 12-13 hours. This was due to it taking around 30 to 45 minutes just to do the report as a “Word Document”. In December 2014 I had a phone call from Charles. He gave me a run down on how the App works. I was very excited from what he had to say and we meet up the next morning. I was absolutely wrapped in how easy it was to use, especially with being able to put photos in with the Generic sentences that I use. The biggest thing I liked about the generic sentences is they are in a DOC format and not PDF  so I can alter the sentences if I have to. To me this was very important. By the following Wednesday the App went live. Charles was happy to do any modifications to the Report so it was exactly how I wanted it. After 1 weeks use I have gone from 2.5 hours per inspection to 1.5 hours per inspection. I am now very comfortable doing 5 to 6 inspections per day, due to the app. The biggest time saver is when I take a photo with my Samsung phone it goes straight into the Report, I then click on my generic sentences and it is all done. This whole process would take me about 10 seconds. At the end of the inspection I fill out the tick and flick questions which takes around 2 minutes. The report can then be sent to the Client as a PDF straight after the inspection if you want. This App is one of the best investment I have made. Regards Jeff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Charles, I’m still loving the program, and am using it every chance I get. I recently referred a colleague in my industry to your services as well, because I knew how much time it would save him. Hope you are well! Luke --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Charles Love it. Does save me time being able to do it straight away rather than doing it on the computer. Cheers Jeff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review Comment Great app, easy to use with great report formatting, integrated seamlessly into our business practice. Nathan
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